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Why ? - Guru Nanak - Eye Hospital - in Rural India
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Partially the - Mission - is achieved balance yet to come

  • Why ? - GNEh in Rural India : Sponsor of GNEH, Sucha Singh says, he was born in 1935 in the town (Ahiya Pur) near Tanda-Urmar in a lower middle class Sikh family. At that time the country got independence in 1947, the influx of a very large population came from Pakistan in his school and was closed for six months to accommodate refugees. He finished his basic education from Government high school in 1951 and came to Delhi in search of some employment.

    Since 1951 he spent very-active 55 years of life in Delhi but his mind was recalling the old days of his childhood and always remembered the suffering of the people living in the villages. He himself got educated at his own, built his carrier and established during this long journey of his life. Sucha Singh is a self-made person, has extensively traveled all over the world during the past 40 years and even now very active in day-to-day work of future plans.With his love, affection to this native place during the year 2001 he took decision to establish an Eye Hospital in the area for Rich or Poor with Most-modern Eye-care equipment to serve the needs of the rural population. The hurdles of medical system were unlimited but the determination was always strong and stronger and now GNEH is on move to its final destination which has to be an Guru Nanak Eye Institute.
  • Civil Hospital of 1920 : In the vicinity of Ahiya Pur is a Civil Hospital must be established in the start of 20 th Century and should be around 1920's and it is still there, but as usual it is only a government hospital. There are senior doctors, hospital-buildings but no care, no equipment or any will to do. The story is same as see and hear every day from everyone. The people (poor or rich) had not suffered in the past-century during British-rule because that time there was strong discipline. At the present moment people are suffering most, because there is no-one questionable neither doctors nor political-system.

  • Blame to Whom ? : Looking at problems mentioned above even after 60 years of our independence we are still lagging behind. All the people in the country blame the system whereas they are supposed to be part of the same organization. It may be government or private sector after all this country belongs to people of India. This realization has to come from the minds of people . There has to be an End - - only the like-minded people have to come forward with a will to do it - - not to criticize.

The Birth - GNEH - of Eye-center
Guru Nanak Eye Hospital - in Rural (Punjab) India

  • Birth of GNEH : Based on the facts mentioned above piece of land was purchased during 2001 and got the building ready within one year . Decision taken by the entrepreneur (born in this rural area) to establish an Eye Hospital is a reality. Now the eye-camps are being conducted in the villages for eye-inspection by GNEH mobile-van and bus. Now this GNEH is reality, in full action, community is benefited, we request people should come forward to join GNEH.

  • Present Problems of - Rural India : Wealthy/rich people can afford to go to cities and get their eyes treated but the problem for middle class and the poor people are unbelievable. This can only be observed either a person has lived in a village or passed through some kind of poverty during life cycle with no money to get food, education or medicine.

Eye Hospital - in Rural India
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