"Eyes - The Marvelous Gift of Nature Your Eyes are Valuable & Priceless - GNEH Take Care of Them"

GNEH Mission

The chief Mission of the GNEH is to provide World-class Eye-care facility at an affordable-cost.

In a very short span more than 600 Cataract (Highly-successful) Eye-operations have been performed. Now all poor, rich and middle class person are pleased, benefitted. The main object of GNEH Eye-Hospital is to look into the problems and cure the effected people living in the villages free or at most reasonable cost.

Affordability : For poor people GNEH conducts free Cataract Eye-operations certified by the village sarpanch. Many elder people do not have the facility or can not afford to pay high-cost of Eye-hospitals at Jallandhar 50 KM or Amritsar 100 KM distance. GNEH has made it possible to get the best Eye-care facility at most reasonable cost.

Cataract Eye Operations : The Eye operations are being performed by highly-specialized senior doctors. GNEH purchases eye lenses direct from Appa - Allergan - Alcon India.Promoters : The supporters of GNEH took many years to plan, establish this type of most modern Eye Hospital in an isolated village of Ahiya Pur near Tanda railway station. GNEH kind of modern Eye-Hospital was the acute necessity of this rural area for the men, women and children having eye-problems. Now people are visiting this Eye-care center from more than 50 KM distance for their eye-check-up and operations. We need your moral support and participation to raise GNEH to be world-class eye hospital.