"Eyes - The Marvelous Gift of Nature Your Eyes are Valuable & Priceless - GNEH Take Care of Them"

Eyes - How It Work - - ? GNEH

The eyes are the windows of the system and automatically operate in a wonderful way. They are essential in keeping us safe and free from harm and danger. They are important in letting us work and carry out everyday operations.

The eyes are the windows of the body, and they are important sense-organs in constant use in everyday living. Normal vision is essential to safety, as well as comfortable living, and every precaution must be taken throughout life to guarantee that the eyes will give maximum service for as long as possible. With care and commonsense, they will serve their owner well.

However, if injury or disease occurs, prompt medical attention is essential. Some conditions may arise which could impair the vision, and the earlier these are attended to by the doctor, or an eye specialist, the better. Often without the person being aware of it, deeper injuries such as retinal detachment may be taking place, and left untreated this could severely affect vision later on.

Eyes - The Most Important part
of Human Body - Need Good-care

Disorders of the Iris,
Lens, Vitreous, Retina,
and Eyeballs

Iritis (Uveitis)
Refractive Errors & Prescription Lenses
Spots Before the Eyes (vitreous floaters)
Retinal Detachment
Optic Neuritis and Papillodema
Other Disorders: Deviating or
Cross-eyes (Strabismus)

Other important component parts
of the eye have a variety of
potentially serious disorders that
can occur.

The list consists of the most
important ones, and those more
likely to be encountered in
everyday living. Some,
fortunately, are rare.

Eyes – the Marvelous – Gift of Nature - - - -
Your Eye are very Precious – GNEH take Care of your Eyes